Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is the Pope Catholic?

Yesterday, we went to Vatican City. As most of you know, its a separate state from Italy. You can mail your own post card from there, but you need a Vatican stamp which is not good in the rest if Italy. I mailed Santa in hopes he would bring me Xmas gifts as I am tired of eating Chinese food and watching movies every year by myself.

We had to admit most of everything we knew was from watching the da Vinci code although I knew Jesus was Jewish ; ) which was reiterated by our tour guide. We decided to take our same tour guide we had for the Colloseum, Ian with Roma tours www.romatours,com which I HIGHLY recommend for an extra few bucks and skip the massive lines and actually understand some of the history and/or religion since we are both atheists at best. And he was cute with his Diesel underwear hanging out and pelvic bones protruding. I tipped him more than I should.

Some of the interesting highlights. The Japanese own rights to sell photos et. al. in the Sistine Chapel therefore no photos - not to preserve the ceiling paint. The map room was my favorite and had all the maps individually of Siciliy, Sardina and then all rolled into one kind of like a pre-ordained Google maps thousands of years earlier.

St. Perter's Bascillica was rad esp. because I have an affinity to the morose and loved seeing actual pope corpses. Holla! In fact, I can't wait to go back to this crypt next week with like 4,000 skulls even though it only has one star in Rick Steves.

We decided to take a chowhound recommendation for dinner and wound up at a lovely square Navare at osteria aldina where we met to gals from Florida one now living in NYC. We had a blast hanging with them the whole night. I also got hit on by our 25 year old Moroccan waiter Ishmael who was a young President Obama self-admittingly. God bless him, he thought I was 27! Holla again!

It's late, Andrea is still sleeping. I am making coffee in the biletti. Please keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck getting out of Rome on these crazy streets with the car. There are no sidewalks, they are more narrow than the narrowest and all cobblestone. Then wish us luck finding our villa in Sienna.

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