Monday, October 11, 2010

Borghese Jardin Yoga

I woke up to a splendid Sunday in Rome. We actually drove the coast route on the way home from Sienna and stopped in Porto Stefano per our villa hosts recommendation. It is where the rich moor boats and it was gorgeous like Newport Beach without the modern strip mall build up or housewives of OC hanging.

I decided Sunday I needed a down day. I walked to the Popolo Plaza beneath the Borghese Gardens, unfortunately, its a shopping area and I stumbled upon H&M. I then headed up to the gardens and met an Aussie gal living and doing ecology reaseach in Rome who was doing Ashtanga yoga. I asked to join her and killed her (Shelly) with extra pushups in a vinyahsa flow. Her quote was "damn Americans" as I worked her ass. It was an hour of heaven. An older woman joined us who spoke some langauge I didnt recognize and led more a tai chi flow. It was heaven. With all the walking, I needed that.

Its raining and I am going to hang in our nontouristy hood and shop for food products like Paprika Pringles. Flight leaves at 9.30 and back to PDX about 8 pm. I am homesick, miss the cuddle of Sushi and the annoyance of Laika. I am reday to cook healthy for the next 6 mos.

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