Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jacked on Espresso y chianti

So I got up at 2 and then 5 am so if you wonder why I was facebooking like I was in the US this am - I waited about another 5 hours before waking Andrea and then I said f-ck it and woke her. At that point I was jacked on two bilettis worth of Illy espresso, had eaten an ameretto cookie and busted into our Argentine parma breakfast not waiting.

I must regress and say, we are staying in the rather chic joven area of Campo de Fiori in an amazing apartment found in, which I highly recommend. An apartment is the way to go - I mean one 1,000 sq. feet, complete kitchen, internet, couch, table for 6, nice American style shower with rain head! And cheap! I looked at hotels that were dumps for 200 Euro - hello 110 Euro for the apartment.

So after a late start, we walked to the Capitol. Rome is quite clean considering how awfully dirty my mom said it was back in the day, but then it impossible to find trash cans yet there seem to be trash trucks starting you in the face for a half-hour while you eat.

We continued onto the Colloseum. We decided to do the tour for an extra 8 euro and it was worth it so I give Andrea much credit for that. I was amazed at a lot of things. One, how they filled it with water and like had battle ships and shit on it. Two, I read in Rick Steve's that one 100 day ceremony they killed like 9,000 animals and like 900 people perhaps and people brought perfume to cover the stench (I know who is saying "RAD" right now btw). Three, so I thought of passover and how they brought all the Jews in to build the damn thing and how I hate the Passover horse radish that I am forgetting the name of that is supposed to remind you of the tears the Jews shed under the persecution of the Romans. Man, after seeing how that monstrosity was built...I suddenly felt a lot better about my day job.

We then walked through the incredible Roman ruins which just seemed so tranquil. The entire forum its almost like the cars, hub-bub of city and pollution were non-existent if but only for a few hours and 300 photographs worth.

Not so keen that we walked to try to find some osteria two chefs recommended to us. We got there as it was closing and had only the second dish, but ok the tira mi us - kicked ass! And 'picked me up' which is the literal translation of tira mi su.

Finally, I have to admit, I have a problem. So does Anne, my Croat partner in crime, a total weakness for PAPRIKA pringles. So far my list consists of Illy coffee for a third the price of Amerika and PAPRIKA PRINGLES. The question is can two of the cans make it to 1) Anne's bday on 23 Oct and 2) my bday on 5 Jan. I just ate 3/4 of a can?!? You do the math.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are in Roma

Wow - we are here! The weather is superb. A little cool - not humid nor hot. Fashionistas Italia walk around in scarves and jackets.

Our apartment is gorgeous. Its in Campo de Fiori. We walked the plaza had gnochhi, wine gelato and eyed every shoe store. Purchased Illy cafe for the am for a third the price in US and our porscuitto cheese and bread for the am.

Both of us our extremely jet-lagged.

The plan tomorrow is the Colloseum, catacombs, fountain and Friday the Vatican as the NYT just did an article on night concerts there for the public.

So sorry I lack my wit and humour. My exhaustion is insurmountable. We both want espresso in our biletti, but know that is not a wise choice .

Ciao, Deanna

Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Excited

Its official that I am starting to not sleep in excitement and anticipation of escaping this rainy continuous spring weather that lasted the whole summer in PDX and go to Italy. A place my friend Carlo said where there is something "just different about the sun. " I envision me, my camera and lots of cinematographic landscape pictures of rolling hills and yeah you know it food.

When I can't sleep at night, I've been pulling out the Rick Steve's on the Kindle. Of course, the first section I went to was about food and dining. My soul goal in Italy is mangia for economical non-fancy means, but rustic Italian non-touristy gems. So if anyone has been to Rome and places in Sienna, Florence, etc. and has a recommendations by all means shout em out!

The second thing I am obsessed about is Cinque Terre and hiking there, that and bicycling. I want the open air of being care-free with camera in tow. One of my fondest memories with Chris was borrowing our German neighbor's guide book on a hike from Fira on Santorini and hiking unknowingly 8 miles to Ia in my chacos with the toe loop and yes, not enough water. But the pictures I got were the most cinematographic of the whole trip. There was a sense of accomplishment to reach the end of the island where all these people were waiting to see the elusive sunset that Ia is most known for. And so it goes, I hope and know Italy will provide these same adventures. And gelato, vino, pasta, pizza, fashion, oil

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Places We are Staying

Two apts in Rome

And the villa in Tuscany

In less than two weeks

In less than two weeks, Andrea and I are leaving for Rome. Andrea is a friend I met in LA in graduate school while at USC. We happened to be a in a small neuroscience class of about 12 and both of us had gone to Univeristy of Michigan during the late 80's and 90's. Instant roller blading, beach volley ball, hiking and making empanada friendship. I lead her into my biomedical device industry. She lives in the bay area and it was her idea since we have traveled so much to go to Italy. Of all the exotic places we both have been to for pleasure and work, neither of us have been to Italy.

Jump in Sucia Mih. I met Sucia as one of the first friends in PDX 12 years ago through Vanessa crowd. She is married to a American/German dude Markus and after years of PDX, they moved to Northern Germany. With my work in Berlin and travels to Greece, I had the pleasure of running around Berlin with them. Sucia is joining us for Tuscany.

So the plan is Rome, a villa in Siena for a week with day trips to Florence, Lucca, Cinque Terre, decided daily. And then Rome before we jet. I plan to post many pics of food and food and food. Ok and some landscape cinematography.

I'll link this blog to FB where you can checkit and see what I am eating ; ) .

Cheers, D