Thursday, October 14, 2010

Compilation of Final Tips and Links

A few summary items as people have asked me to compile my Italy recommendations:

For apts in Rome, Florence and Venice Vicky at is awesome. Most of the apts averaged 110 Euro and were gorgeous. In rome I esp. liked the Vogue as it was in a non-tourist part of town although near the Vatican so that means food and prices at the locals do.

Highly recommend our villa 20 miles outside Sienna. It is owned and run by Stefano! It was gorgeous and two huge bathrooms and bedrooms and Stefano can point you in all the tourist or non-tourist ways and he is hot:

Other tips:

We liked

For 8 extra Euro we skipped the massive lines at the Colloseum and we also did the Vatican with them and skipped four hour lines. It’s worth it for that and a tour of the history and religion alone us being atheists. We loved our Scottish tour guide Ian.

If in Florence and a meat eater, you must go to Pegasus and share the biggest Porterhouse steak!

It’s called bistec Fiorentina and is native to Tuscany.

Address:Viale Ariosto, 22Florence, Italy 50124
Phone:+39 0552298335

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