Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pisa, Lucca, Sienna market and San Giamano

We woke up this am to a lovely morning of sun and about 73. Our wonderful host Stefano the hunk who wears Northface and drives a subaru forester told us of a market in Sienna. It was full of food, clothes and leather goods. You can imagine three girls doing some damage! The best part was sampling the cheese! Pecorino is the fav from this area. Our cheese guy spoke no English, but over-loaded us with samples of every cheese he had. I was in heaven.

Clothes wise, sadly, much was from China. I really abstained from buying things that were not local so stuck to some scarfs and a couple wraps.

Oh, I should go back to what we did yesterday. I had the crazy, round-about hellish drive to Pisa. The town Pisa is nothing to shine upon, but the leaning tower worth it.

We then continued onto Lucca the much recommended NYT undiscovered, unbombed town. The highlight was walking the wall around the city. Many HOT runners and many bikers. We did this at night and had dinner on the wall.

San Giamano was nice in that we got off the beaten path and walked into a guy's 17th century house. Took a nice hike on the outside of the wall sans tourists. And took post-card pics from outside the city!

More tomorrow after Florence as we made pesto and pear tomato salad with pecorino!


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