Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are in Roma

Wow - we are here! The weather is superb. A little cool - not humid nor hot. Fashionistas Italia walk around in scarves and jackets.

Our apartment is gorgeous. Its in Campo de Fiori. We walked the plaza had gnochhi, wine gelato and eyed every shoe store. Purchased Illy cafe for the am for a third the price in US and our porscuitto cheese and bread for the am.

Both of us our extremely jet-lagged.

The plan tomorrow is the Colloseum, catacombs, fountain and Friday the Vatican as the NYT just did an article on night concerts there for the public.

So sorry I lack my wit and humour. My exhaustion is insurmountable. We both want espresso in our biletti, but know that is not a wise choice .

Ciao, Deanna

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