Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In less than two weeks

In less than two weeks, Andrea and I are leaving for Rome. Andrea is a friend I met in LA in graduate school while at USC. We happened to be a in a small neuroscience class of about 12 and both of us had gone to Univeristy of Michigan during the late 80's and 90's. Instant roller blading, beach volley ball, hiking and making empanada friendship. I lead her into my biomedical device industry. She lives in the bay area and it was her idea since we have traveled so much to go to Italy. Of all the exotic places we both have been to for pleasure and work, neither of us have been to Italy.

Jump in Sucia Mih. I met Sucia as one of the first friends in PDX 12 years ago through Vanessa crowd. She is married to a American/German dude Markus and after years of PDX, they moved to Northern Germany. With my work in Berlin and travels to Greece, I had the pleasure of running around Berlin with them. Sucia is joining us for Tuscany.

So the plan is Rome, a villa in Siena for a week with day trips to Florence, Lucca, Cinque Terre, decided daily. And then Rome before we jet. I plan to post many pics of food and food and food. Ok and some landscape cinematography.

I'll link this blog to FB where you can checkit and see what I am eating ; ) .

Cheers, D


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog. Have a fabulous time! And give us all the inside scoops of where you are staying and eating etc. We are planning to go to Florence next year (I have a conference there) and will hopefully have time for a vacation afterwards that will include Cinque Terre and Rome.

  2. Perhaps Esther I can inspire a second honeymoon since Greece did that for the first. I will definitely be scooping in he blog so keep reading! D