Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Excited

Its official that I am starting to not sleep in excitement and anticipation of escaping this rainy continuous spring weather that lasted the whole summer in PDX and go to Italy. A place my friend Carlo said where there is something "just different about the sun. " I envision me, my camera and lots of cinematographic landscape pictures of rolling hills and yeah you know it food.

When I can't sleep at night, I've been pulling out the Rick Steve's on the Kindle. Of course, the first section I went to was about food and dining. My soul goal in Italy is mangia for economical non-fancy means, but rustic Italian non-touristy gems. So if anyone has been to Rome and places in Sienna, Florence, etc. and has a recommendations by all means shout em out!

The second thing I am obsessed about is Cinque Terre and hiking there, that and bicycling. I want the open air of being care-free with camera in tow. One of my fondest memories with Chris was borrowing our German neighbor's guide book on a hike from Fira on Santorini and hiking unknowingly 8 miles to Ia in my chacos with the toe loop and yes, not enough water. But the pictures I got were the most cinematographic of the whole trip. There was a sense of accomplishment to reach the end of the island where all these people were waiting to see the elusive sunset that Ia is most known for. And so it goes, I hope and know Italy will provide these same adventures. And gelato, vino, pasta, pizza, fashion, oil

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  1. in Florence, there's a non-fancy place called Camilo in the altr'Arno. It's a block off the river, between the Ponte Vecchio and the next bridge down. Great food, simply prepared, my mouth waters just thinking about it. In Tuscany it's good to keep it simple, because there's just no reason to get fussy w the food. And the Mercato Centrale has everything you'll need for picnic lunches.